Dentures Orangeville

If you are missing teeth, a great replacement option is dentures. At our practice our dentists can have complete or partial dentures made for you.

Complete dentures are a solution to replace all your teeth. They are further divided into two subcategories- conventional and immediate dentures.

Conventional dentures are made once you have had all your teeth removed and have allowed the gums to heal. This ensures a perfect fit.

At our practice we offer immediate dentures in advance so there is no time the patient has to go without teeth after extractions are done. However, the patient may still need to come back for a couple of adjustments for the best fit, as the gums and bone tend to shrink during the recovery period.

Partial dentures

At Lord Dufferin Dental Centre we also offer partial dentures. For example, if you are waiting for an implant to heal it could take up to a year. We will have a partial denture made for you to replace the space that there is no tooth until time to place the implant crown. Or if you need one tooth replaced but cannot afford a bridge or implant at this time a partial denture would be a more affordable resolution to keep the space filled and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists to discuss more about dentures in Orangeville, give our office a call at (519) 938-9500.